Karl Donvil


Karl Donvil, Belgium
Founder and the Executive Officer of WDPA.
Freelance reporter & photographer.
Former member of the Editorial Board of the FCI. Press Officer of the FCI European Dog Show 2016 in Brussels.

José M. Doval


Attila Márton


Attila Márton, UK/Hungary
Former executive manager of the Hungarian Kennel Club.
Project manager of the FCI IPO World Championship 2012 and the FCI Word Dog Show 2013.
Freelancer interim manager, journalist, and blogger.

Mak Dodan

Yossi Guy

Yossi Guy, Israel
Studied for a graduate degree in Social Psychology in Tel Aviv University.
Employed in the past as a journalist in the Israeli Broadcasting Authority and several magazines.
Currently employed as reporter-photographer for Dog News, USA, and Our Dogs.
President of the Israeli Herding Dog Club, former chairman of the Israeli Kennel Club education committee.
Breeds Shetland Sheepdogs. Judges various breeds

Duncan Campbell