Dear candidate,

membership is for Press only. You need to prove this by sending in a minimum of 3 publications over the past 12 months. Members who have 12 publications and work for a living can have the professional status if they are professionally trained or working on a minimum halftime basis, providing an income.

If this is the case, please submit to me the publications scanned for review.

What counts as publications?

– an article by you
– a photo as an illustration for an article of someone else
– a series of photos in a publication.
– an article by you with your photos

A magazine can have more publications of you and they count as is. For example, if there is one article by you with your photos and another article of someone else with a minimum of one of your photos, then it counts for two publications in that magazine.

Websites and blogs are normally not taken into consideration unless it can be proven that it is comparable to a magazine and that people need to subscribe/pay to see the content.

Video and film can be taken into consideration too but not automatically. You need to send in the material, and explanation.

Publicity and advertising work can also be taken into consideration if used and published in Canine magazines. Proof is also needed and does not automatically apply for membership. In such case it will be investigated.

Kind regards,
Karl Donvil, CEO

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