Newsletter 01/24


WDPA Newsletter, Januari 2024.

Dear friends,

another year started and that means you are welcome to renew your membership. It was agreed by the board to keep the fee the very same:  25 EURO. See below how you can transfer the payment.

We are working on a very nice new layout for the cards, made by Yuliya Strizhkina.

As usual, I will bring them to Crufts where I will distribute them to the members who are there, and the remaining I will send later via regular mail.

If you are still looking for affordable accommodation for Crufts, we have a nice offer from the IBIS hotel in Coventry at 85£/nights for single occupancy including breakfast, or 95£/ for double occupancy. Just mail to to the attention of Nicola Leck Sales Executive – Ibis Coventry and tell her you are a WDPA member and put me in cc.

Ibis Coventry is much cheaper than the hotels near the NEC. There are several trains per hour that bring you in 10 (express train) or 20 min (stop train) to the NEC and stops right at the halls. The Hotel is only a 7-minute walk from the Coventry train station. Many of us are staying there and know how convenient it is.

This year we have elections for the board again. I will write more in an upcoming newsletter. If you think you can help or contribute and are willing to join the board, please email me. I hope to have the support of a reliable team for the next 4 years. You can vote at Crufts or if you are not able to attend, you will be able to vote via letter or proxy.

We look for candidates who will be happy to help make decisions and fulfill small tasks. Your initiatives can be considered and developed. This is far from a 9 to 5 job. Usually, it is busier prior to important big shows. Until recently all this was my job, but Mak Dodan started taking over a lot of work, preparing for shows, taking care of the website and FB, modernizing the databank etc. We are looking for more people like him so that we end up with a very dynamic team to serve the WDPA and put it more in the spotlight. Meetings are online and not very often, don’t worry. There will be a moment when I need to leave it all to another generation, and I would like to feel confident that the WDPA is in good hands and faces a bright future.

And what are the benefits? All that depends on you and how you represent the board. Committee people from Kennel Clubs will start knowing you and that opens doors. You come out of the shade. For more than 20 years I have been fighting for recognition and better working conditions for the press and turned our Association into a reliable partner. Of course, a board member needs to keep in mind that he/she is working for the group and be aware of the difference between benefits and corruption or personal profit. But the most important benefit is friendship and respect.

What we are looking for is someone involved with communication and someone who can help out with legal matters and administration. And if we find some very enthusiastic candidates we could develop a kind of WDPA publication like a yearbook or something like that. Of course, I will always be there to show the way.

If you are interested, make a small presentation that we can publish in one of the upcoming newsletters. No need to go too far into details about yourself, but focus on your plans and what you have in mind for the future of the WDPA. Please send your candidature as soon as possible to me.


WDPA membership contribution 25 EURO


IBAN BE16 7330 4840 7474    BIC: KREDBEBB

Bank; KBC Leuven, Diestsevest 2, 3000 Leuven, BELGIUM

account:  WDPA, Doornstraat 6, 3370 Boutersem



Transfer rate is about 1,50 EURO. If you use this way don’t forget to add 1,50 EURO extra!

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