Dear Members,

Yuliya Strizhkina, our member working in the shelters of Kyiv, sent us a list of the most important needs at this moment. If you happen to have these things or can collect them bring them to a local charity point. If big deliveries can be collected, we could bring you in contact with some of our local friends. The WDPA is collecting money to buy dry food and have it delivered.

Can you please check the list below, maybe you can get something from it too, please? 

– food for adult dogs and cats with kidney problems 
– feed for guinea pigs 
– food for puppies (there are almost none in humanitarian aid)
– food for nursing bitches, vitamins
– food for pregnant dogs and cats
– powdered milk for newborns
– vaccination for dogs and cats
– tick treatment
– remedies for worms (antihelminthic)
– dressing materials 

– broad-spectrum antibiotics
– immune preparations
– painkillers and sedatives
– drops for eyes and ears
– anti-inflammatory drugs
– heart drugs, for the treatment of heart failure
– anticancer and chemotherapeutic agents 

– boxes for cats and cages for dogs FOR TRANSPORTATION

WDPA Board

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