World Dog Press Association (WDPA) Announces Results of the Sixth Professional Dog Photo Competition

August 27, 2023 – The World Dog Press Association (WDPA) is delighted to unveil the outstanding outcomes of its sixth annual professional dog photo competition. This year’s competition saw an impressive entry with 26 photographers, from 20 different countries, submitting a total of 86 images. The competition has been highlighting the remarkable bond & relationship between dogs and humans from around the globe.

This year’s competition would not have been possible without the generosity of our main sponsors, Mrs. Costanza and Mr. Louis Ferraris-de Liedekerke, who graciously donated 4,500 Euros to support this year’s competition. Birdbrook Rosettes also contributed to the success of the competition by providing rosettes for all the deserving winners.

The highest-scoring photographs of each category were proudly showcased in a special online gallery and during the World Dog Show, captivating viewers with their beauty and depth.

The WDPA board has unveiled the winners at the World Dog Show (WDS) in Switzerland.

The WDPA is proud to present the winners of each category:

Sport and Action Category:

  1. Svetlana Polyakova, Russia
  2. Anna Szabo, Hungary
  3. Tatiana Nikulina, Russia

Portrait Category:

  1. Simone Luca, Italy
  2. Svetlana Polyakova, Russia
  3. Grzegorz Gebik, Poland

Man’s Best Friend Category:

  1. Dina Untersee, Switzerland
  2. Gabor Szalanczi, Hungary
  3. Simone Luca, Italy

Hero Dogs Category:

  1. Gabor Szalanczi, Hungary
  2. Grzegorz Gebik, Poland
  3. Dina Untersee, Switzerland

Special awards by Mrs. and Mr. Costanza and Louis Ferraris-de Liedekerke:

  • Svetlana Polyakova, Russia
  • Gediminas Patkauskas, Lithuania

The competition was open to WDPA members. Participants had the opportunity to submit one photo in each category. The entries were displayed anonymously to the panel of three judges, professionals in the field, to determine the highest-scoring photos in each category.

The judges for the 2023 competition were:

Ms. Ria Putzker (Austria), is a dedicated dog lover, remarkably talented photographer, and photography coach.

Ms. Anca Diana Giura (Romania), an FCI judge and accomplished art professor with a discerning eye for photography.

Ms. Costanza Ferraris-de Liedekerke (Belgium), is a devoted dog lover, longstanding WDPA member, and the main sponsor of this remarkable contest.

Gerard Jipping was awarded the Media Award

Furthermore, the WDPA is proud to present the Media Award to Gerard Jipping for his exceptional support to the international dog press and his open mind and dedication to open communication within the community.

The WDPA extends its heartfelt appreciation to all participants, sponsors, and judges for making this competition a success and for capturing the boundless beauty and joy of the profound connection between dogs and humans.

Global Media Invitation: Share Captivating Dog Photography and Celebrate the Human-Canine Bond

We invite the global media community to participate in sharing our sixth annual professional dog photo competition. Help us share the emotions and stories, captured through the lens of talented photographers from around the world, capturing the companionship that exists between dogs and humans.

For inquiries, access to high-resolution images, or further information about our competition, please contact Mak Đodan.

Mak Đodan
Email: mak.dodan@worlddogpress.org
Website: www.worlddogpress.org

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