András Korózs has passed away


photo (c) Karl Donvil

András Korózs, President of MEOESZ, has died on November 10th, 2022.

András Korózs was born in Eger, Hungary, in 1963. His parents were great friends of animals, so it was not surprising that “dogs” got his favourite pastime. András has bred several breeds, but he got stuck to the Fox Terrier, his favourite breed. He got his first Fox Terrier in 1972, showed him successfully and soon started breeding with several imports. Today, his Fox Terriers are respected all over the world.

Soon he also joined the Hungarian kennel club and he has worked as president of the local organization of the Hungarian kennel club in his hometown. At the beginning of the 90s he was asked to organize a national breed club. He was also the president of the Terrier club for 16 years, before being elected president of the Hungarian kennel club in 2006. He was re-elected president for 5 periods until his death.

As a dog judge he travelled the world. Exhibitors in more than 50 countries showed their dogs under András.

Together with his younger brother, Gábor Korózs, he envisaged and organized the biannual international show in Szilvásvárad. One of the most significant open-air shows in Europe.

Many of his friends and acknowledgeable dog people describe him as a great dog person, breeder, judge and a true friend, allways ready to help.

He was married, father of two daughters and a son. Our sincere condolences to his wife, Judit Korózs-Papp, and his family.

The WDPA Board

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