Managing Board

Jose Doval

President, Spain



Karl Donvil, Belgium
Founder and the Executive Officer of WDPA.
Freelance reporter & photographer.
Former member of the Editorial Board of the FCI. Press Officer of the FCI European Dog Show 2016 in Brussels.



Attila Márton, UK/Hungary
Former executive manager of the Hungarian Kennel Club.
Project manager of the FCI IPO World Championship 2012 and the FCI Word Dog Show 2013.
Freelancer interim manager, journalist, and blogger.


Studied for a graduate degree in Social Psychology in Tel Aviv University.
Employed in the past as a journalist in the Israeli Broadcasting Authority and several magazines.
Currently employed as reporter-photographer for Dog News, USA, and Our Dogs.
President of the Israeli Herding Dog Club, former chairman of the Israeli Kennel Club education committee.
Breeds Shetland Sheepdogs. Judges various breeds



I was born 1990 in Zagreb, Croatia, into a dog breeding family. I grew up in the dog scene world and it’s like a big family for me. We owned or still own Rough Collies, Afghans Hounds, Golden Retrievers, American Cocker Spaniels, PBGVs, GBGVs and Basset Fauve de Bretagne.

I am running a dog photography business and I’ve assisted in organizing dog shows and dog events and been founding member of dog magazines. My pictures have been multiple times awarded including the Professional Dog Portrait of 2018 at the first WDPA Photo Competition. I’ve worked as country manager for Farmina Petfoods. I’ve been the PR executive and currently I am show executive of the Austrian Junior Handling Association and I was in charge of the organization of the European Junior Handling Competitions and Finals in 2019.  I would describe myself as a creative person, always striving to do my best, move on and I am open for new ideas. I am willing to work hard and always ready to help. I strongly believe that teamwork makes the dreamwork – only together we can make the dog world better and better. I love to exchange experience with all of you. As a photographer, my aim is to create emotion when people see the picture, emotions are strongest feeling one can feel and it has power to move the world in better direction. Let´s see how far we can go.

I’ve joined the board in March 2020.

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