EDS Herning | Fun Facts

Fun facts EDS:

350 breeds represented at the show, from 61 countries. Judges from all over the world.

Number of entries:

EDS: 11.100

Agria Winner Show: 6.900

Non FCI: 100

Special Club shows 3.300

Fun facts Denmark:

850.000 dogs in Denmark

Top 5 FCI breeds 2022:

  • Labrador retriever
  • Bichon havanais
  • Golden retriever
  • German shepherd
  • Staffordshire bull terrier

In Denmark, we have a dog in every fourth household. Even the royal family are dog owners. The queen Margrethe II owns a shorthaired standard dachshund and the crown prince and princess own to red and white border collies (dam named Grace and her offspring named Coco. Prince Joachim and Marie own a bichon frisé. Denmark is the smallest kingdom in the world.

Our prime minister Mette Frederiksen is currently a cat owner, but dreams of one day of becoming an owner of a Bernese Mountain dog.

The backdrop has a reference to the famous Danish painter P. S. Krøyer he was famous for painting the west coast of Denmark and Herning is situated only 52 kilometers from the west coast. P. S. Krøyer was very fascinated by the special light created by the sun, sea, and the sky.

Denmark does not have any mountains; however, we have 444 islands.

In Denmark you will never be more than 42 kilometers away from the ocean.

8750 kilometers (5440 miles) coastline.

Number of inhabitants in Denmark: 5.850.592 as of Wednesday 19. of May

These are the links for the online catalogues:

FCI European Dog Show 2023 catalogue: https://www.hundeweb.dk/udstilling-katalog/udstilling/231001/
DKK European Cup Winner 2023 cat.: https://www.hundeweb.dk/udstilling-katalog/udstilling/231014/
Agria Winner Show 2023 catalogue: https://www.hundeweb.dk/udstilling-katalog/udstilling/231002/

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