FeHoVa Winter Dog Shows

Report & Photos by: ProDog Photography

February 8th until 11th, Budapest, Hungary

Three CACIB shows organized by the Hungarian Kynologie Club, Specialty Show for Hungarian breeds and Champ of Champions show. Total entry of the International Dog Show of 4500 dogs or 1500 dogs per day/show. Judged by 28 judges makes an average entry of around 55 dogs per judge per day.

The BLACK STANDARD POODLE, QI YU GE BLACK LASER, owned by Savina Kristina & Zhang Yu, went Best in Show on Thursday and Saturday under Rui Oliveira and Ilaria Biondi de Ciabatti.

Sundays Best in Show was awarded to the LHASA APSO, BIRUTXINES LOLLIPOP, owned by Stefano Paolantoni, under Annika Ulltveit Moe.

The Show was Sponsored by Farmina Petfoods – Happy Pet. Happy You.

Best scoring judges (by entries):

  • Juhasz Csilla, HU (254 dogs)
  • Rui Oliveira, PT (251 dogs)
  • Markus Anita, HU (248 dogs)
  • Axel Komorowski, DE (230 dogs)
  • Klaus Strack, DE (225 dogs)

Best scoring breeds:

  • Golden (130 dogs)
  • Labrador Retriever (110 dogs)
  • Hungarian Short Haired Pointer (99 dogs)
  • Whippet (96 dogs)
  • Cane Corso (82 dogs)
  • American Staff (78 dogs)

General Impressions:

Nice organized show. Big and nice main ring area.




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