Dear members,

The circle of WDPA friends is put to the test with the ongoing war between Russia and Ukraine.

The WDPA condemns the aggression of the Russian Government. We have precious friends and acknowledged colleagues in both countries.

In the WDPA, this friendship is sacred, and we will never exclude any Russian member just for being Russian. We ask for the same sanity of all our members during these saddening times.

For the moment, however, our Ukrainian friends are facing a lot of suffering in their country and beg for help to take care of their people and pets.

Logistically, the WDPA can do nothing. But we can give and collect money to buy dry dog food and have it delivered to the border where it can be picked up by Ukrainian people who have set up a lifeline.

Some people might say that we take more care of dogs than of people, but dogs, in particular, are the best comfort for people and children on days like this. If they lose their pets due to the conflict, their suffering would be even worse than it already is.

The WDPA will make a donation to buy food, but if you want to make an extra effort, feel free to send money to the very same bank and Paypal account, but clearly mention this: “Extra gift Ukraine”.

The more food we can buy and deliver, the better.

WDPA Board
Karl Donvil, José M. Doval, Attila Márton, Yossi Guy, Mak Dodan & Duncan Campbell


IBAN BE16 7330 4840 7474BIC: KREDBEBB
Bank; KBC Leuven, Diestsevest 2, 3000 Leuven, BELGIUM
account:  WDPA, Doornstraat 6, 3370 Boutersem


e-mail to transfer the money which is karl.donvil@worlddogpress.com .